Li-PO RC Car Battery

A lithium-polymer battery uses a dry solid, gel-like electrolyte. A Li-PO RC Car Battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses a soft polymer casing so that the lithium-ion battery inside it rests in a soft external pouch. 

A Li-PO RC car battery is a type of battery that uses Lithium Polymer (Li-PO) technology to power remote control (RC) cars. Compared to traditional Ni-MH RC car battery, Li-PO RC car battery offers several advantages for RC car enthusiasts, including:

High Power Output

Li-PO batteries can provide the power needed to drive RC cars at high speeds and navigate challenging terrain.

Lightweight Construction

Compared to the Ni-MH RC car battery, the Li-PO RC car battery is significantly lighter, which can improve the handling and overall performance of RC cars. 

Long Cycle Life and Low Self-Discharge Rates

It means they can be recharged and used many times without losing capacity, and they can hold their charge for long periods of time when not in use.

Li-PO RC Car Battery provides your RC car with high power and very long duration, and power when you need it. Can be used for RC cars, RC buggies, and more. Carefully selected hard case lipo battery for optimum performance under high-stress competition conditions. Protected with a hard case to protect LiPo batteries from shocks!  

When it comes to a Lipo battery charger for RC car, it's important to use a charger that is specifically designed for Li-PO batteries and has the correct voltage and current rating.

The price of replacement Li-po RC batteries can vary depending on the capacity and other factors, but they are generally priced competitively and offer good value for money.

Hilong Battery

Hilong Li-PO Battery Cell used the advanced automatic lamination process, based on standard production and strict inspection, delivering users the dependability and high-performance Li-PO RC Car Battery.

If you're a serious RC car racer or an off-road enthusiast looking for a high-performance, lightweight, and reliable battery, a Li-PO RC car battery is definitely worth considering. 

With their high power output, lightweight construction, and long cycle life, the longest lasting battery for RC cars can help take your RC car experience to the next level.