Ni-MH Airsoft Battery

Nickel-metal Hydride (Ni-Mh) refers to a type of rechargeable battery that utilizes nickel oxyhydroxide along with a hydrogen-absorbing metal alloy. 

NiMH is what we would consider the standard batteries in the airsoft world. Ni-MH Airsoft Battery is easy to use and provides adequate performance for powering most airsoft guns. You will commonly find these in NiMH battery 9.6v for airsoft guns, 8.4 volt battery for airsoft guns, and 11.1V airsoft battery.

Ni-MH battery cell comes in multiple configurations in order to suit the airsoft gun the user may have. Higher voltage indicates a strong current, which gives the airsoft a higher rate of fire. A higher Mah indicates energy capacity, which allows the user to play much longer.

NiMH batteries are available in a range of voltages, including 7.2 volt battery for airsoft guns, NIMH battery 9.6v for airsoft guns, and 10.8 v airsoft battery, which are commonly used for airsoft guns. 

The airsoft 10.8 v battery is a slightly more powerful option than the 9.6v battery and is a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts. Choosing the right battery voltage for your airsoft gun is important to ensure optimal performance during gameplay.