Lithium Vacuum cleaner battery

What Batteries Do Vacuums Usually Use?

The most common consumer primary and rechargeable batteries used in vacuum cleaners are AA, AAA, 18650, CR2032, and many other similar alkalines, NiCd, NiMH, and Lithium vacuum cleaner battery.

Lithium Vacuum Cleaner Battery

In terms of capacity and quality, lithium vacuum cleaner batteries are "high-end" batteries that can be discharged at relatively high currents and have a long life. Lithium vacuum cleaner batteries are one of the more expensive types of batteries used in cordless vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum replacement battery packs are CE certified and have a high capacity for longer running time. The safeguard features against incorrect voltage, battery overload, short circuits, and internal overheating. No memory effect.

Custom Lipo Battery Manufacturers

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