Lithium Power Tool Battery

In fact, a Lithium power tool battery is around 40% lighter than NiCad batteries. Power tools that use this Lithium power tool battery are therefore more comfortable to use with improved tool handling and reduced muscle fatigue. A lithium power tool battery also allows more flexibility in terms of work.

Lithium power tool battery has excellent stability, higher leakage discharge capacity, high current charging, and supercurrent discharge capacity. Lithium battery for power tools produced by Hilongbattery has good storage resistance and a low self-discharge rate. The integrated microchip prevents overcharging to extend the life of the lithium battery for power tools.

Hilong Battery ensures the excellent performance of power tool batteries according to the most stringent assembly requirements. You can get more details of the Li-ion 18650 5S2P 4000mAh 20V battery pack for power tool Cordless Drill Parts, 18650 3000mAh 11.1V battery pack for power tool here. For any battery customization business, please feel free to contact Hilongbattery.