Airsoft Battery

A high-quality airsoft battery is an essential component for any airsoft player who wants to ensure their gun performs reliably and consistently during gameplay, providing the power necessary to stay competitive and have fun.

Good Batteries for Airsoft Gun


Good batteries for airsoft gun is used to provide the energy necessary to operate airsoft guns. Airsoft batteries are a basic component of every electric airsoft gun. Choose high-class, good batteries for airsoft guns and enjoy the smooth operation of your airsoft gun.

Hilong is a professional manufacturer of airsoft batteries including an 11.1V airsoft battery, a 7.4 lipo battery airsoft, a 9.6 v NiMH airsoft battery, an 8.4 Volt battery for airsoft gun, and more.

The battery and charger for airsoft guns come in various types to suit the power needs of various airsoft guns.  Whether it is Ni-MH Airsoft Battery, Li-ion Airsoft battery, or Li Po battery for airsoft guns, Hilong ensures superior performance of the battery packs according to the most stringent assembly requirements.

Shop our custom airsoft batteries for a range of voltages, power, capacity & sizes, with Ni-MH Airsoft Battery, Li-PO Airsoft Battery, Li-ion Airsoft Battery, and accessory batteries. Each Hilong airsoft battery has a strong explosive force. With Hilong custom airsoft batteries, players can feel the charm and comfort of the battery's powerful power and stable performance.